Sunday, 16 October 2011

sun vs wind

if the sun and wind try to fight and show which one is better and smarties, who will win?????.....

almost everyday sun and wind try to win their arguing, since everyday they showed up. The wind and his bigger talk while the sun and his clear sight. they always talk their greatness and powerful they have become to enchant everyone. one day, tortoise was passing by and watched the sun and wind on their quarrel. so, the tortoise help them by making competition. The match is about :
                                        > making a man( traveler) to take off his clothes
the wind try his hardest to win the match, the more it blow make the man( traveler) put lots of clothes to keep him warm.
this is differ from the sun, it increase the temperature bit by bit ,and make the man(traveler) take off his clothes one by one..

                                                                 a)our solar system

                                                      b) wind produces energy and so sun

so, technically the sun win the match with succeed. Then, what will the sun spokes to wind????

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